Dobrato Wood BodyThe Dobrato Resophonic Guitar is the world’s first acoustic/electric round neck resophonic guitar with a vibrato tail piece & B-Blender arm allowing the B string to be pulled to C# using the Bigsby arm. The Dobrato Resophonic Guitar has a beautiful, full-bodied, reverberate voice, combining the classic sound of a resophonic guitar with the vibrato’s tonal variations.  In this unique build, the Dobrato faithfully retains its natural acoustic tone when amplified.  The sounds you create are limited only by your imagination. The Dobrato creates a unique new “voice” for blues, country, fingerstyle, bluegrass, pedal steel effects, and jazz. We create each guitar with high quality construction, paying special attention to set up and playability.  We incorporate high quality cones, biscuits, hand-carved saddles, an original Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece and a Highlander iP-1X inline pickup system. All Dobratos are designed and assembled in our shop, Castle Creek Guitars, 132 N. Main St.,  Gunnison, Co 81230.  Phone 970-641-2747. Please call to order.


Dobrato Wood Body Demo